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Bob’s testimonial: Having used the Bosom Buddies treatment pads for six weeks, there was very little burning until the last 2-3 treatments. At that point, Silvadene cream had to be applied to a very small area. The use of Bosom Buddies along with follow-up Aquaphor on a daily basis helped prevent any real irritation or reddening for almost the entire course of therapy, a very intense course because of the small field of radiation.
After 1st treatment
After 2nd week (10 treatments)
After 3rd week (15 treatments)
After 4th week (20 treatments
After 5th week (25 treatments)
After 6th week (30 treatments)

After 23 treatments, my skin feels tighter and sometimes itchy. My skin became pinker but, I have not burned. I used the Bosom Buddy compress following every treatment once per day, but began using compresses 2 times per day once I reached 20th treatment. I never burned or peeled and my skin healed well after my last treatment
Photo after 23 treatments while using Bosom Buddy